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Welcome to health_ontd This is health ONTD-style!
This is a community for people to discuss health in the news and pop culture, ask questions, and learn about being healthy. It's made in the style of ohnotheydidnt, which means we're here to have fun!
This community offers tips and ideas only and is not meant to diagnose conditions or prescribe any course of action. You should always consult a health professional before making changes.
1. No hate, no spam, no pro-ana. If you want to be unhealthy, this is not the site for you.
2. If you're posting, please cite your source(s).
3. Keep it relevant to mental or physical health: news, tips, questions, etc.
4. Use an LJ Cut if your post contains questions about eating disorders or self-harm, graphic pictures or descriptions, or is longer than, say, 200 words. If your post is about ED or self-harm, please put a "warning" in the subject so people can choose not to click if they're triggered by this.